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Why Am I Doing This? What Am I Doing Differently?

Well, this isn't the first time I've had a website. Aside from the sites which were required to be made for school, this is my third website. The first two fizzled out a few years after I started them due to a lack of interest on my part, and, sadly, a lack of a steady audience. Maybe third time's the charm?

A New World

I can still remember my first site back in about 2001 - a single-page site which had nothing more than a guestbook. I unfortunately can't remember where I got such a site, but I do remember the URL being extremely long and filled with random letters, signs, and numbers thrown in. As a third grader, it felt pretty awesome having my own website. Sure it wasn't much, but it was much more than any of my friends had. While it probably wasn't even really a site, it was for nine-year-old Travin. And for his sake, I'll continue calling it that.

It was quite interesting having a website at that age. I don't really remember what I wrote about, but it was probably about some of the video games I was playing at the time and Neopets. Unfortunately, nine year old Travin didn't really understand that he only had a guestbook plugin installed and that there probably was some blogging plugin he could have had instead. But he was pretty happy churning out short and random blurbs about his daily life.

 As for reaching out and finding people to check my site? I simply wrote down the long URL on numerous torn sheets of paper to hand out to my friends and anyone who was willing to lend me their ears, or rather, eyes. Unfortunately, most of them didn't bother typing all of that into their browser, but I don't blame them! After a few years of just having random people I met online check out my guestbook, I decided to call it quits. They weren't really the kind of people I was looking for.

The Web Strikes Back

Sometime around my freshman year, I started my second website. I don't recall where it was hosted, but I do remember getting a free redirect from Dot TK. With the shortened URL of (don't go there as someone else owns it now and it redirects you to a dangerous site), it was much easier to ask people to go visit it. And, as expected, I had a much bigger audience than my first site. 

Being quite the religious Catholic at the time, most of the topics I covered revolved around that. Other content included my opinions on recent events and other things  circulating around the web. So I guess you could say that it was really more of a blog rather than a site.  But for thirteen-year-old Travin's sake, I'll continue calling it a site.

I can't really explain why I stopped working on it though. Maybe it was because I joined Facebook and preferred to write shorter blurbs instead of long articles? Or perhaps it was because no one really brought up what I wrote about when they saw me? I usually remember things like these, but all I remember is that I just stopped at one point and never really looked back.

Return of the Blogger

Now that I have a much better idea of what the difference is between a blog and a website (or at least, I think I do), I'll finally admit that this indeed is a blog. I hope to soon add things to make this more of a website rather than just a blog though.  Perhaps throw in a portfolio section as well as having a professional blog? I'll let future Travin decide on that. So I guess you could say that what I'm doing differently is being more flexible and open to changes.

So, Why?

Honestly, it's because I'm tired of Google asking "Did you mean Travis Keith?" whenever anyone looks up my name and because I've always wanted an email. But hopefully, as things start going forward, there'll be better reasons for me to keep this up.